Helping Red Frogs: Youth Suppot Program

Recognising the dominance of alcohol in Australian youth culture, a team of 17 volunteers initiated a support program to provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fueled environments. 22 years later, Red Frogs are still fighting (and winning) against underage drinking.

Through events, education, and alcohol-free activities, Red Frogs reach over 1,4 million people annually. If you want to learn more about the inspiring team and its mission, we recommend that you watch this amazing documentary:

How Red Frogs Decided to Work with Zenprint

As a printing service that works with charities on a regular basis, we know that non-profits tend to struggle when it comes to the printing of promotional materials. Budgets can be pretty tight. That is why we started our corporate responsibility program.

Red Frogs' Official Mascot on the beach

Actively seeking impactful Australian NGOs to support, Zenprint came across the work of Red Frogs and reached out. Zenprint offered the team free education booklet printing to help spread awareness on the important issue that is alcohol consumption, especially among youngsters. We hope the materials will reach many young people and prevent them from engaging in potentially harmful behaviour.

Providing NGOs with Convenient and Fast Services

Zenprint recognises that NGOs have limited time and resources to spend on printing. That is why we make sure our platform is time-efficient and allows users to place orders within 10 minutes. To provide additional convenience to busy individuals, Zenprint offers free delivery to your doorstep.

Our website makes it possible to monitor the order and delivery status online, which means you don’t need to follow up with us on the status of your order. According to Red Frogs,

“the possibility of ordering online without making any calls is great. As a charity, we are pretty under-resourced and don’t have much time to follow up with our suppliers. Being able to monitor every step online, we did not have to spend too much time on placing and receiving the order. We definitely recommend Zenprint to those who seek fast and convenient services.”

Why Zenprint?

If your organisation is looking for quick, affordable, yet high-quality printing services or doesn’t enjoy a generous budget, we would be more than happy to talk. At Zenprint, we believe it is important to actively support and give back to the local communities that sustain our business.

Red Frogs schoolies playing uno

If you decide to print with us, our pre-production team will flag any issues with your artwork before printing so you have a chance to fix and re-upload to make sure the product is perfect.

Does your organisation have printing needs? Give us a call at (02) 8488 3160 and Zenprint will take care of it.