4 Key Steps To Create Professional Letter-fold Leaflets

Leaflets are one of the printings that have various designs. It is because there are many types of folding such as letter fold, zigzag fold, or window fold. That’s why the ways to design, sort pages, arrange elements in leaflets be complicated than other printings. So, the design of the leaflets require a resolution in the production process.

For those who’re still confused or looking for a way to make leaflets, today, Zenprint will recommend "4 Key Steps To Create Professional Letter-fold Leaflets". It is to give your leaflets a more professional image.

Arranging and Dividing Pages for professional Leaflets

1. Arranging and Dividing Pages

Defining and dividing pages is a very important step in creating leaflets. Since we have to fold it, we should have a clear folding-line to make it easier to design, insert information and fold. Typically, people like to print leaflets with A4 size paper, horizontally, with 3 folds (Letter fold). So we should draw a line and divide in three columns on both sides (front & back). On the front-side, each row should be 9.7 cm, 10 cm, and 10 cm in width. On the back-side, the width is 10 cm, 10 cm and 9.7 cm in order. For anyone who uses Photoshop or Illustrator design leaflets, it is very easy because there is a ruler function that can be used to draw lines, and you don’t have to waste time deleting it before printing. For anyone who is confused, please see the image above.

Design and Insert Details that Correlates with the Page Order

2. Design and Insert Details that Correlates with the Page Order

The design and information-insertion process in leaflets always cause confusion in terms of page sorting. Customers will be confused with the page order after folding. So if you did not plan or arrange the composition properly, this may mess up the page order of your leaflets. However, if you follow the first step and the image as shown above, you will not be confused of page sorting and it will be easier to insert details on the leaflets because you will not have to worry about your data being lost, sorted wrong or skip to the wrong page, since you would only have to insert the information on the correct page that you have prepared.

Print Leaflets with Quality Printing Service

3. Print Leaflets with Quality Printing Service

Many people overlook this point, thinking that they can print leaflets with any printing-service provider, which is actually wrong because the quality of the print media is really important. It can reflect your image and the way you work. For example, you print your leaflets to be used as food menu, and to be distributed to tourists, but the images aren’t clear. So, customers will not be interested in your food. On the other hand, if you put pictures of food menu that are clear and realistic, it will attract customers and make the want to eat your food.

Folding Leaflets

4. Folding Leaflets

Leaflets can be folded in many ways according to the individual needs/designs. However, we recommend a general design that everyone uses. It’s the Letter-fold. If you arrange and divide the paper as instructed in step 1 above, you will feel that it’s very easy because you just only have to fold the back-side, which is folding page 4 to page 3, and folding page 2 to overlap the previous folded pages. However, before folding, you should use a ruler to measure the back-side of the leaflet (page 2, 3, 4), and make sure that they have the correct width (10 cm., 10 cm., 9.7 cm.). It is to ensure that you will fold exactly as designed.

This is the "4 Key Steps to Create Professional Letter-fold Leaflets". For those who are looking for quality printing-service provider to print your leaflets, you can use our services here. See you in the next article from Zenprint.