5 Design Ideas for Powerful Flyers

Printing design doesn’t only matter for business cards but also for all you other products, such as flyers, leaflets and so on. Great design will always make your marketing more powerful, and therefore more beneficial for the achievement of your business objectives.

Design Tips for Powerful Flyers

As we all know, flyers are a great tool to get your business closer to target customers, and more than that they have been shown to enable the memorization of specific details. Most people might think that Flyers cannot get people’s attention anymore, but actually the opposite is true! While the internet and digital ads can be full of scams, flyers have very low numbers of scammers, and they are a marketing tool that most customers actually trust, just like leaflets.

Today, we wanted to share with you 5 of the best and most powerful design layouts for flyers, in order to help you get noticed and remembered. Below, we’ll walk you through 5 different types of flyers.

5 Design Ideas for Powerful Flyers

1. Event / Party Flyers

To invite people to a party or event, flyers must have a particularly attractive design, with some colors to make it more fun, attractive, and noticeable. As you can see from the example above, It’s easy to catch attention and communicate details clearly when split up your flyer in 2 sections. One contains the graphics, while the other contains the important details of your event. Putting the party details on a plain background (white in this case) instead of against the graphic background helps to make it stand out more. That way, people can easily identify the sections containing the information that they should focus on. In general, you also want to be careful to use not too many colors, and colors that go hand in hand with your graphics. Otherwise, you’d create quite a messy flyer.


2. Shopping Sales Flyers

People love the sales season. Who doesn’t like discounts? But how do you get noticed by shoppers when all sellers are doing sales? It’s never been easy! One important tip to get noticed is to use big headlines and/or using a big number to catch people’s eye. People are usually looking for the best bargains, so if the first thing they see is how much they can save at your store, it’s likely that they will be interested. Therefore, if you were a customer the first thing you would want to see is the headline in a standout color, as well as the discount numbers.That’s how you can use flyers and discounts to get many people to your shop.


3. Restaurant Flyers

Did you just open a restaurant? Need to advertise it around the neighborhood? Flyers are a great tool for local marketing, as you can distribute them where it matters and ask other local businesses to keep your flyer in their shop. Once again though, design is crucial. More than the graphic design on the front page that needs to look very tasty or special, details need to be more attractive as well. The important part here, is that you reflect your positioning. Are you a hip coffee shop, or a child-friendly family diner? Make sure that your targeting comes across in your flyer, either you’ll attract nobody, or attract the wrong customers. For example above, we used only 2 colors in the background to keep people focused on what really matters: the orange colored hamburger. At the back, make sure to include the recommended, seasonal, or characteristic dishes from your menu, to make people want to try..


4. Courses Flyers

Flyers to advertise your courses need to generate a lot of trust. Indeed, as a teacher or teaching institution, people have to trust that you have the knowledge they need. That is why the first requirement for a courses flyer is to make yourself and your organization look very professional. In terms of design, it can be simple or powerful, but it needs to make people believe that you are the best at what you teach. Of course, you also want to include content that is relevant to the course or knowledge that you are selling, and to the people that you are selling it to. For example, flyers for yoga classes should look peaceful, relaxed, healthy, and hip and should include text that motivates people to try out yoga for their health or to fulfill their lifestyle. On the other hand, a flyer for arts classes should play more into people’s creative side, and maybe look more colorful in order to make people want to sign up and develop/express their creativity.


5. Business Flyers

General business flyers always need to be as professional and clean as possible, so that your business looks reliable and trustworthy. In terms of design, business flyers that present your company are usually more conservative and conventional than other flyers. Therefore, they are slightly easier to design. To successfully advertise your business and what it does, you need to place a strong focus on content. Only show people what matters most to them. Make sure to catch their attention with a catchy headline or title. Finally, place your company phone number, website, and social media prominently on the flyer, so that interested people can directly take action.

Hopefully you will find these couple of tips interesting and helpful. In the end, what you always need to remember with marketing communications is to identify your target customers, understand their wants and needs, and align your communications with that by showing them how your company can give them what they want/need.

On another note, if you want to learn how to design flyers on Microsoft Word, you should definitely check out our video on the matter (↑).