Flash Drives are an omnipresent gadget in today’s world. They are small, portable and really useful to carry your files along with you. As everybody, young and old, turns tech-savvy, flash drives have become a product that appeals to all. Couple this with the fact that you can customise a flash drive in a number of ways and it becomes a great promotional tool for companies of all sizes! In this short guide, we will summarise what you need to know to get started printing your own custom flash drives.

Choosing your model and preferred printing method:

When browsing our website, you will notice that we offer a variety of flash drive models. They all differ in terms of material, cap/cover, colours, and available printing methods. To ensure that you have a good understanding of the available printing methods, we explain them below.

Pad Printing: Use this option to print logos or designs which are made up of maximum three spot colors in fine detail. The pad printing process requires the use of a block, which represents a fixed cost and hence commands ordering quantities of 200 or more. This process prints only solid colours and cannot print colour gradients. The process works by spreading ink on an etched surface, which is lifted using a rubber pad and transferred onto the flash drive surface.

UV Printing: UV Printing: Use this method if you have a complex full colour design. UV printing works in a similar way to inkjet printing, except that UV rays are used to dry the ink as it is applied to the surface. It can print designs in full colour including colour gradients.

Laser Engraving: This method will result in your design being engraved on a metal surface using a laser. It gives a premium feel as, once engraved, the design is going to stay forever. However, the design will not have any colour.

Inner Engraving: This process also uses laser which engraves the design inside a transparent acrylic cover or body. The process works by focussing the laser at a point inside the acrylic and creating microfractures which come together to form the design.

Submission of Design:

You should always submit your artwork in a vector pdf file. When you submit your file, bear in mind the available printing area for the particular flash drive model you want to order.  The available printing area depends upon the Flash Drive model and is specified in the pop-up image of the respective models.

For any further clarifications you can always reach out to us. The Flash Drives page is here. Happy printing!