Hello to our lovely readers. Today, I would like to introduce a tool on our website that you can use to easily create your own ready-to-print business card design. Even if you’re not a designer, or have no experience using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can use this tool to design your own business card easily.

Alright, you guys should be excited to try this tool out by now, so let’s not waste anymore time. I’ll show you how this tool works, step by step.


1. The Free template editor page can be accessed via www.au.zenprint.com but before using the Editor, I suggest that you create an account, or log-in if you already have one, so you will be able to save your business card design for future use (you can log-in or register by clicking the top-right button on the site).



2. After logging-in successfully, you can go to the Free Template Editor page by clicking on the product “Business Cards” on the website. And when clicked, you’ll see the 3 options as pictured above. Click on “Browse Our Templates” on the right.


3. Once you have entered the Free Template Editor page, you’ll find many beautiful business card templates. All of them are sorted into 5 different categories, so you can choose your favourite colour and style from almost 100 template designs


4. After picking the template that you would like to use, you can then add your personal information on your business card. You can easily change the font and font color as many times as you like until satisfied. And after you are done with editing, click the pink button on the right (Design Back button).


5. The next step is to design the back of your business card. You can insert photos or logos to replace the original image. In some template designs, you can add or edit text on the back of the business card template as well. Once you are happy with the design, click “Preview” (Pink button above).


6. At this stage, you will do a final check of your design before being sending it to print. You can go back and edit your design, or use a different template design by clicking the “Pick Another Template” button on the top-right corner. If you are satisfied with your current design, click on the “Options & Quantity” button to proceed to the ordering process


7. On this page, you can choose the quantity, paper type, and refinement. The price will appear and change in real-time depending on the configuration that you choose. Afterwards, you will proceed through the rest of the ordering process (How to Order). The most obvious advantage of going through these processes is that you can be 100% confident that your artwork file will not have any problem during the printing process. You can try the Free Template Editor here.