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  • ProductFlash Drives
  • ModelSwivel Flash Drive
  • Capacity16 GB
  • PackagingNone (Plastic Bag)
  • ColoursSilver
  • Printing OptionsUV Printing
  • Sides to Print1 Side
  • Design ColorsEngraving
  • Quantitypieces
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  • ModelSwivel Flash Drive
  • Capacity16 GB
  • PackagingNone (Plastic Bag)
  • ColoursSilver
  • Printing OptionsUV Printing
  • Sides to Print1 Side
  • Design ColorsEngraving
  • Quantity pieces
  • Expected Delivery
  • File format Free
  • File check Free
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Flash Drives Product Details

Print Flash Drives Online

Print Flash Drives with Zenprint to:

  • Distribute as useful corporate gifts
  • Distribute during fairs, events, or workshops
  • Attract and retain new and existing customers
Crystal Metal Flash DriveCredit Card Flash DriveSwivel Flash DrivePlastic Flash DriveMetal Swivel Flash DriveMetal Flash driveMetal Key Flash Drive16 GB32 GBCarton BoxPP BoxMetallic BoxNone (Plastic Bag)WhiteBlackSilverBlueRedGreenGoldInner Laser EngravingUV PrintingPad PrintingLaser EngravingInner Engraving1 SideBoth SidesEngravingFull Color1 Spot Color2 Spot Colors3 Spot Colors
  • UV Printing

    This process can be used to print on a large variety of substrates. UV printing uses ultraviolet rays to quickly dry ink that is spread on the substrate by the printer. As the dots of ink are cured immediately they do not spread and give a fine quality print. In addition, due to this quick dry time, harmful emissions are also stopped making the process more eco-friendly. This process allows printing in full colour.

  • Pad Printing

    Pad printing process uses a metal plate which has the print design etched on it. Ink moves into this etched area and then a rubber pad lifts the ink and applies it onto the substrate. Each colour needs a separate plate and only solid colours can be printed.

  • Laser Engraving

    A precise, computer-controlled laser is used to etch the surface of the flash drive with a pre-programmed image. The laser heats and melts the area to be printed, thus engraving the design on the surface.

  • Inner Laser Engraving

    A laser is used to create microfractures inside a glass substrate. These microfractures are extremely small so as not to cause any damage but leave an imprint in the glass which forms the design. The surface of the glass remains unaffected as the laser's focal point is positioned at a certain depth and does not affect the other regions.

Why Print Flash Drives for Your Business?

Flash drives are an omnipresent gadget in today’s world. They are small, portable and extremely useful to carry your documents along with you. With the advancements in technology, the storage capacity of these devices has expanded so that they are small in size but big in storage space.

Companies now see flash drives as a great promotional item. They are ideal to showcase that a company is tech-savvy. Moreover, flash drives appeal to all demographics - from professionals to students, men and women, young and old.

Flash drives have a variety of printing options to choose from; from coloured printing to engraving, customised flash drives look elegant and premium. This creates positive associations with your brand. Flash drives are used to transfer data and are shared with friends and with colleagues, hence generating increased visibility for your brand. Zenprint has a number of quality flash drive models to choose from, along with the latest printing technologies for giving your brand a great promotional product.

All in all, flash drives are the promotional product that goes well with the tech-savvy people that we all have become. It is an item that everybody can make use of and is sure to generate a lot of excitement at your next event!

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