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Checking and changing your font settings

Fonts are lettering styles that can be installed on your computer. When installed, you can use them to change the aspect of letters in any file that you are creating or editing. However, opening those files on another computer can sometimes prove problematic. Problems may arise with regards to the appearance of the text if the font is not yet installed on the computer in question. As a result, the computer does not have the required information to properly read and edit text.

That is why fonts and text in your artwork file always need to be converted to outlines before saving and sending your file into production.

How to convert fonts to outlines

IMPORTANT: Before you begin this process, it is advisable to save your file under another name since you will not be able to revert outlines to text at the end of the process.

Since Photoshop works with images (i.e. pixels) and not vectors like Illustrator, the process to outline fonts is called source rasterization.

There are two ways to rasterize in Photoshop. Firstly, in the “Layers” window, you can select the layers of text that you want to rasterize (hold the ctrl-key to select multiple at the same time):

To rasterize text, select the text layers that you want to rasterize in the Layers window.
Then, go to the top menu and click Type > Rasterize Type Layer:

Click Type > Rasterize Type Layer in the top menu.

Alternatively, you can also right click after selecting the fonts in the Layer window, and click “Rasterize Type”:

Method 2, right click after selecting the fonts in the Layer window, and click Rasterize Type.