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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Zenprint - Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions. These will provide you with a detailed overview of what you must consider when purchasing Zenprint’s products or services. If you still have any queries please contact us on [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

1. General


a. In this Terms & Conditions abbreviated terms will be used in order to ensure comprehensibility. This includes, but is not limited to, the following terms:

  • Zenprint (Australia) PTY LTD, a registered business in Australia, with ABN 88 627 012 677 whose registered office is at the Level 2, 333 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 is hereinafter referred to as “Zenprint” or “ZP”.

  • Zenprint’s Terms & Conditions outlined in this document are hereinafter referred to as “Terms & Conditions” or “T&C”.

  • Zenprint (Australia) PTY LTD’s website as well as the websites of all other group entities, and the corporate website are hereinafter referred to as “Website”.

b. This website can be accessed from any country, however you agree that the dispute process will be handled in the jurisdiction of Australia.

c. By accessing the website or purchasing products or services you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

Customer Account Registration:

d. This website can be used without registering an account. However, registration is required to purchase products or services. This is a quick, easy and free process. An email address is required to register and by providing one, you allow Zenprint to contact you for any reason using this address.

e. You must be 18 years or older to register an account. If you are under 18 years old, you must be represented by your parents, tutors, or legal guardians in all interactions with Zenprint.

f. You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself and that you will immediately update information when it changes. Information found to be false or incorrect may lead to your account being suspended or terminated along with any associated orders. If a dispute arises from information being incorrectly entered by you, Zenprint cannot be held liable for any costs incurred.

g. You agree to securely store and protect your account information. If you become aware of any unauthorised use or possible compromisation of your credentials, you must immediately notify Zenprint. If products or services were ordered with a compromised account Zenprint will investigate. Payment for any costs incurred may still be required if Zenprint concludes that this policy has not been followed.

h. Zenprint respects your privacy and no private information will be disclosed to any other party without your prior authorisation.  Zenprint will comply with lawful requests and court orders to release information to law enforcement of relevant enforcement bodies.

i. To terminate your account, please email: [email protected] and we will terminate your account within 30 days.

2. Placing an Order and Payment Procedures

a. All products and services are subject to availability. Zenprint reserves the right to reject any order at any time with no reasons required to be given. Orders are confirmed as soon as a written order confirmation is received.

b. Products on the website may be modified at any time due to constant product development. Zenprint cannot guarantee to deliver the exact same product when reordering at a later point in time.

Payment methods, obligations of payer, and transfer of ownership.

c. Zenprint accepts several payment methods including: Credit Card, bank transfer, cash on delivery (COD), and credit invoices under certain circumstances. When choosing a payment method, you agree that:

  • You have the relevant authority to use the payment method.

  • You have sufficient funds or credit facilities in place.

Zenprint reserves the right to request and obtain validation of your payment method before processing your payment. If the transaction is rejected, the associated order may be cancelled.

e. Bank transfers: The order will only be processed when the payment is clear and available in Zenprint’s accounts. You must also upload proof of payment (such as a payment or deposit receipt).

f. Please be aware of the different payment timelines. Orders cannot be processed until the funds have cleared.

g. Transfer of ownership will only take place upon receipt of full payment to Zenprint.

Currency and Taxes

h. Prices are stated in the currency of the country of the account and will indicate if they include or exclude relevant sales tax (VAT or GST). If you are not required to pay VAT or GST (E.g. Embassy), you must contact Zenprint before placing your order and you must be able to prove your exemption. You are responsible for any other applicable taxes or custom duties that may be incurred.

i. The price includes packaging and delivery charges but excludes shipping insurance. Any changes requested by you after the order confirmation may incur additional costs (such as for proof prints).

j. If you wish to deduct certain locally applicable withholding taxes you must choose either bank transfer or a credit invoice as a payment method.

Promotions, discounts, or wrongly displayed prices.

k. Zenprint reserves the right to cancel or reject coupons or promotional prices at any time without providing any reason.

l. Zenprint reserves the right to cancel orders placed with incorrect prices (E.g. Website or other technical errors resulting in the incorrect price being available).

3. Preparing your own Artwork or using our Design Templates/Services

Introduction Artwork vs. Design Service

a. We offer the following options when using our printing service:

  • File Upload. Our experts will still conduct a standard check and proof prints can be done for an additional fee.

  • Design Service. Our experts will engage with you to create a custom design (some products include this service at no extra cost).

  • Design Templates. Choose and customise from our large range of templates.

File Upload

b. To ensure a quality product it is important to be as clear and specific as possible and to provide a responsive form of communication. Additionally, please consider the file preparation instructions on Zenprint’s website in order to to avoid any mistakes.

c. The supplied artwork files must be in the specified image format and size.

Design Service

d. The quicker and easier it is to communicate with you, the quicker Zenprint will be able to process your order. Please be as responsive as possible in order to ensure that we can minimise delays. Depending on the service, there will be different feedback deadlines. Failure to meet these may delay the order. If no feedback is received within 7 days Zenprint may cancel the order.

e. Once you have approved the final design, you agree that Zenprint is not responsible for any errors within the design, including spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Design Templates / Final Check

f. When preparing your own artwork or reviewing our design proposal, please carefully watch out for avoidable mistakes before you send/approve the artwork. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spelling, spacing, grammatical errors

  • Damaged fonts

  • Transparency issues

  • Incorrect file uploads

  • Imperfect bleed or colour conversions

  • Low resolution graphics and images

  • User selected options such as size, quantity, and paper.

Zenprint’s design team will do their best to be mindful of these issues but cannot take any responsibility for the above-mentioned issues.

g. It is important to ensure foreign fonts or scripts (e.g. Chinese or Thai etc.…) are displayed correctly.


h. No print run is identical, and deviations may happen due to different techniques and materials. Potential deviations and how we propose to resolve any issues are discussed below, to ensure the product stays as true as possible to the design.

i. Colour Deviations

Our experts are eager to deliver the highest quality to you. However, colour deviations do occur and accuracy may slightly deviate from the provided artwork files. When placing an order with Zenprint you accept certain limitations regarding the colour accuracy. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • There is no guarantee for the same colour as compared to the screen or online proof colours. There may be significant changes when changing from the screen calibrated RGB to the printer based CMYK profile. Moreover, each screen can show different colors, independently of the exact color profile.

  • The same colours as previous print runs.

  • The same colours compared to digital proof colours, up to 5 % deviation.

  • The same colour within a print-run (first vs. last).

j. Deviation in physical dimensions (Size/Cutting/Etc.)

  • The deviation in size can be up to 3mm.

  • The deviation of the cutting position can be up to 2mm.

  • Orders can be printed with up to 5% variation in size.

  • The position of folding can deviate up to 1mm.

  • Imperfect hot stamp registration can be up to 0.5mm.

  • Imperfect spot UV registration can be up to 0.5 mm.

  • Imperfect embossing registration can be up to 0.5 mm.

  • Bleed mirroring deviation in case of an imperfect bleed.

Deviations in quantity

l. Zenprint makes no guarantee that every order will equal the exact amount of the items ordered. There might be a deviation of  above or below the ordered amount. In the unlikely case of an under-run:

  • Store credit will be provided (to be used for next orders) or;

  • Zenprint will directly refund you (Pro-rata adjustment - Item price multiplied by missing quantity).

Proofing Process

m. Zenprint offers different methods of proofing before releasing your order to production. Some are included in the design price and some will be available at an additional cost. We mainly distinguish between:

  • Online proof: Included in the purchase price. The purpose of the online proof is to check whether all the elements are in place, and not to check the color accurrary. Hence, it can display significant differences to the final product in terms of color accuracy.

  • Digital Proof Print: Charged on an item by item basis. The proof print is color-proof and will be closer to the final product, with a possible deviation of up to 20 %.

m. Unless conveyed to and agreed by Zenprint, the proof print will not be laminated and may not be on the same paper type/specifications/size as what you have ordered for the final product.

4. Delivery Conditions

Delivery address

a. The order will be delivered to the provided shipping address as soon as it is ready.

b. The shipping address must be provided when submitting the order.

c. You may only change the shipping address in special cases and in consultation with Zenprint, depending on the state of production.

d. Zenprint will ensure that the order is delivered to the provided address. If the provided address is incorrect or out of date, Zenprint is not responsible for any costs incurred in delivering the order.

e. Some delivery services may call before delivery, and only deliver if details can be confirmed. If possible, please provide a phone number that is monitored outside of business hours to ensure timely delivery.

Way of transport / Installments.

f. Zenprint reserves to right to decide which method of transport to use along with the appropriate delivery service.

g. Zenprint will decide if the order is to be shipped in one package or separate instalments. In the unlikely event that an instalment is delayed, you agree that this is not grounds to return any other instalment.

Lead time not substantial to contract.

h. Zenprint will do it’s best to ensure delivery within the promised delivery window. Our current punctuality rate is: 80 % and we aim to improve it with every delivery.  However, Zenprint will not be liable for any loss or expenses arising from any delay.

Acceptance, Proof of Delivery, First Check

i. You agree to inspect the received goods on delivery confirming that they are free from any apparent defects or damage.

j. If upon inspection, you notice that the goods are damaged, you must specifically note the damages and send a signed version immediately to Zenprint.

k. Zenprint will not consider any complaints about defects or damaged goods after 7 days have passed after delivery.

l. You agree to not refuse delivery based on a short or delayed delivery of an instalment.

Recalculation of delivery date

m. Some factors outside of Zenprint’s control may delay your shipping date. It is possible to prevent most of these issues by being responsive to queries by Zenprint or the delivery company. Therefore, Zenprint offers a free SMS service for delivery reminders and changes to keep you updated.

o. Common actions that lead to a delay in receiving your goods:

  • Late submission of documents relating to your payment method (e.g. confirmation of bank transfer).

  • Re-uploading your artwork after the artwork deadline has expired.

  • Uploading artwork which is faulty and needs to be corrected.

  • Late approval or non-approval of proof prints or online proofs.

  • False, inaccurate, out of date, or incomplete delivery address or other required information.

p. Zenprint will not be held accountable for any costs relating to these above-mentioned actions.

5. Cancellation and Complaint Process

Complaint process

a. Here at Zenprint, our overall goal is to make you, our customer, happy. In case you are not satisfied with our products or services, please not do not hesitate to reach out to us - we will do our best to find an appropriate solution. However, when it comes to cancellation of orders we will apply the following conditions:

  • If you cancel the order without a special reason, there will be no refund. Upon consideration by Zenprint, and where production has not yet started, credit for the paid amount may be generated (with any incurred expenses deducted).

  • You may cancel the order If Zenprint has failed to deliver within 30 days of the initially specified delivery date. Additionally, you may cancel the whole contract if the delivered product shows severe defects or damage which makes them unusable. This excludes any goods which are defective due to your provided specifications.

e. If you wish to cancel  the order for any of the above mentioned conditions, you must immediately notify Zenprint in writing.If you have already received your goods, they must be returned in their original packaging, in an unused condition and the full quantity. No refunds can be made until the products have been returned in full.

g. These complaints will only be considered when the issue is raised to Zenprint within 7 days after the delivery date, or within 7 days after the expiration of the delivery deadline (30 days after the expected delivery date).

Reprint and Returns

h. Reprinting of defective products may be an option if feasible. For this to occur, you must return the full quantity of the defective goods. Production lead-times of reprints would stay the same with no artwork changes being permitted.

i. If there are no special reasons for return, then returned items will not be accepted.


j. Only the same payment method or bank account that was used to make payment will be accepted to issue a refund. This will need to be approved by Zenprint management and will be processed within 14 days.

6. What else you need to know


a, Zenprint is not liable in any way for:

  • Loss, damage, costs or expenses arising directly (or indirectly) from any failure or delay in performing any obligation under this contract, that is outside the reasonable control of Zenprint. This includes, but is not limited to strikes, failure of power, government action and acts of god.

  • Digital files sent by you are accessed or disseminated by third parties outside of Zenprint’s control.

Intellectual Property

b. You agree that Zenprint’s content that includes, but is not limited to, text, software, music, sound, photographs, videos and any other material may be protected by trademarks, patent copyrights or other intellectual property rights.

c. You agree that you are only allowed to use material and information as expressly authorised by the respective owner.

d. Zenprint is the owner of its trademark and trademark used in this website. Zenprint is also the owner of all information, documents, images, and material contained with the website. Reproduction of same without permission will leave you subject to legal penalties.

Data Protection

e. You agree that we may use your contact details to send you promotional campaigns regarding our new services. This may include the use of direct mail, landline phone, mobile phone, email, SMS, MMS and any other means that may be available.

f. Your data will only be used for business related activities - it will not be used for any other reason, nor will it be disclosed externally unless compelled to do so by judicial enforcement.

Rejection due to inappropriate content

g. Zenprint reserves the right to reject any service for orders where services include but are not limited to pornographic, discriminatory, profane or offensive content, anything that goes against moral and decent manners or could generate compensation claims, or harm unrelated parties.

Notification in written form

h. All notifications to Zenprint or involved parties must be written, either by direct mail or email.


I. Zenprint is not liable for any costs resulting from any errors on the website or if the website is not available for any reason.

Update of Terms and Conditions

j. All content on our website and terms and conditions is updated frequently and can be changed without prior notice. Please check this document frequently for any changes.

Governing Law

k. Terms and conditions will be interpreted in the English language and accordance with the laws of the Australia.